‘Enemy lists’ are not a legacy of conservative politics

Past Conservative governments did not keep "enemy lists," says former MP.

Editor: From whence did creating “enemy lists” for federal cabinet ministers come?

The claim is made that Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party of Canada is “Canada’s Founding Party,” a “part of the national political movement that has been building a stronger, safer, and better Canada for over 145 years.” The party claims credit for such things as the Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement, women’s suffrage and even Confederation itself.

This claim the Harper government is part of a legacy of Canadian conservative parties is invalid, for never in the past were new ministers in Conservative governments given “enemy lists.”

Those believing that Harper’s government is profoundly conservative must answer this question.

How can this party be part of the  Canadian conservative lineage. What is the conservative reason for creating “enemy lists” for new ministers?

Joe Hueglin,

Niagara Falls, Ont.

Editor’s note — The letter writer is a former Progressive Conservative MP.