Every bill has #TransLink on it

Why does Langley City Mayor Peter Fassbender seems to be the spokesperson for the mayors, as Langley’s bus service is abysmal.

Editor: I want to see an audit of TransLink. I want these people to throw open their books. Maybe it’s time we handed over three words from the English language, logic and common sense, to Dianne Watts, mayor of Surrey.

She wanted TransLink to be audited and I think she was pushing for light rail transportation, which would be much cheaper. Just toll all the bridges 50 cents and all the ridership another 50 cents.

I am so sick and tired of opening every utility bill and property tax with a hashtag #TransLink attached to them. I am also curious as to why Langley City Mayor Peter Fassbender seems to be the spokesperson for the mayors concerning TransLink, as Langley’s service is abysmal, anything east of 224 Streeth doesn’t even exist.

Don’t get me started on Handydart. A disabled friend of mine has been told on numerous occasions “well, we can get you there but we can’t bring you back to your home.”

Seriously, what part of disabled don’t you understand. She has been left stranded for hours or just forgotten.

On the subject of amalgamation, let’s put it to a vote, let all the people have a say. Let’s just get along and make this a great place to live, not two separate bickering, backbiting, head-butting entities. Let’s see local government work together for the common good of the common people.

This brings me to ask the obvious question about the new school trustees. Are these the same people that were so incensed by the fact that H.D. Stafford was turned into a middle school that they ousted the previous trustees, and then went on their merry way.

Then there’s the matter of our new mayor and some new councillors in the Township. Is this going to be another group that will be pandoring to the rich and wealthy and giving themselves an immediate raise and ceasing any further discussion on the controversial rail overpass, when there already is an existing route along the Fraser all the way to the Delta superport. Big Asian companies are buying more coal from B.C. How many trains do you think will be coming through Langley then?

Now, for just one more rant. Teachers, please just go back to work and let mediation do its job. Militant whining is so unbecoming. No, I’m not for union busting, I just do not want to pay any more taxes so you can have an unrealistic raise. In this unstable world economy, there is no more money.

Just imagine if the working poor, the silent majority of this province, walked off their jobs for a week. I’ve never heard any of them complaining about the $10 to $15 an hour they make and try to raise their families on.

They are the real heroes, they’re just too busy working. A pox on all politicians until they give themselves a reality check, and give families of the province a break.

I would also like to see the government of the day make all municipalities open their books for an audit. Greed seems to be the word of the day. Whew, I feel so much better after this rant.

J. Cartwright,


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