Every cyclist should be wearing a helmet

Some motorcyclists do not have to wear a helmet — and it's the law.

Editor: I read in The Times (July 5) about a mini-bike driver who crashed while not wearing a helmet, and suffered serious head injuries.The article states that “the law requires motorcycle operators and passengers to wear an approved motorcycle safety helmet,”

This is not true.Lawmakers have changed our laws so that motorcycle operators and their passengers may in fact legally operate a motorcycle without an approved motorcycle safety helmet, if they are members of a religion that involves wearing a turban.

Lawmakers have decided that a turban is an alternative to, and just as safe as, a helmet, and that it will protect the operator from head injury.

I wish that the article would have informed readers of the accurate information regarding motorcycle helmets and that there are in fact certain rules for certain people when it comes wearing a helmet.

I hope this very unfortunate situation serves as a reminder to all that no cycles, whether bicycle or motorcycle, should be operated without a helmet. Parents should especially note this.

A helmet can prevent a minor accident from being a serious head injury.

Rich Purdy,


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