Fire department helps out family in need

When one firefighter is in need, the whole department is there for that person.

Editor: I am writing this letter to thank the Township of Langley fire department for all the help, love, support, and friendship that they have given to my brother and his family. My brother is a firefighter for TLFD.

We all know that firefighters and the staff behind them work hard and saves people’s lives in many ways. They are heroes for many of us, and little kids want to grow up to be one.

But what people don’t know about these amazing people is this.When one of them are in need, they are there for that person.

My brother and his wife had a one pound, four ounce beautiful baby boy at 25 weeks. He has been a true little fighter from the first breath, and every day since.

As I am sure you all can imagine, it has been hard on the family. The fire department has been right there from the day he was born, helping them with everything they can do.

The people from the fire department have been just wonderful. They have done a lot to help my brother and his family, expecting nothing in return.

I was able to thank a few of them in person and they said that it was nothing — “we wish we could do more.” Believe me, they are doing lots. Thank you will never be enough, but I hope this letter will be a little more proof that what they do is not going unnoticed by the whole family.

Thank you from the bottom of all our hearts.

L. Timofee,