Flipping school signs is a waste of time and money

Turning around signs is a huge waste of taxpayer's money, says Jon Weenk

Editor: I would like to know who the genius is at the Township of Langley who decides to flip over the school zone speed limit signs during the summer months when school is out.

In my neighborhood this job was performed this week and the signs will likely be put back into proper position in a little over one month when the kids are set to return to school.

This practice bothers me for a couple of reasons.

Most important is that these signs are still in school and park zones that are frequented by children and families throughout the summer season.

The other reason I am bothered by this is it is a huge waste of taxpayers’ money. Imagine how many school zone signs are scattered throughout the TOL and how much it costs to turn them over twice per year. Not to mention the cost of fuel to do the job. Extrapolate the cost over 10-20 years and one can imagine how wasteful this practice is.

I imagine that a TOL manager has a son or daughter who needs work for the summer and this is an easy way to make a few bucks. That was a nasty comment, but this does not make sense.

I hope that someone at the TOL can explain this to me.

Jon Weenk


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