Fort Langley is not a centre of commerce

Editor: Fort Langley is a B.C. historic, recreation destination not a  commercial centre.

Willowbrook  is a commercial centre.

It must be made clear to the general public that those who support “heritage” and history are very much in favour of the upgrading and new buildings in Fort Langley.

That is the basis for the OCP and Heritage Guidelines.  Why spend all that taxpayer money and time on the experts who drew up those rules if it were not for the benefit of the entire community?

As has been noted many times the concept of the beautiful Coulter Berry building had great potential for Mavis and Glover; except for its massive size — two community halls side by side plus four metres.

With two storeys and a smaller footprint everyone would have been cheering.

Regarding the underground parking: sounds great but, unfortunately,  I believe the fact remains that there would not be sufficient to accommodate a three-storey building, leaving some 40 more spaces needed on the street.

Finally, I reiterate, that if four builders are able to conform to the bylaws and guidelines why should the council ignore their own rules for one builder?

Why give “heritage” a bad name, when we promote the very village which demonstrates the history of British Columbia to all?

Bays Blackhall

Fort Langley