Girls show true spirit of Christmas season

Three girls sang carols for community and for volunteers at a Christmas kettle.

Editor: I wanted to highlight some of the wonderful people that we have in Langley.

My husband and I were volunteering for the Salvation Army Christmas kettles this past Saturday in Walnut Grove. Three excited girls ran up to us with the biggest smiles.

These girls were holding two bags  full of money which they had collected.

“It’s $107.56,” they proudly stated.

They told us that they went carolling for an entire day to collect the money, and they had been looking for the Salvation Army kettles to donate the money to.

They took turns putting the money in the kettles. I gave them each a high five, and away they went.

About half an hour later, they came back and asked if they could sing Christmas carols to us, and they began singing.  They sang for awhile and had to leave when their dad came back to pick them up.

To Amber, Avery and Savanah — Thank you so much for carolling for the Salvation Army, and for singing to us and making my day extra special.

And to your parents, thank you for these great girls and to all of you, for being a great part of our community.

Tricia Rickards,


Editor’s note — Volunteering at the Christmas kettles can be an enriching experience. A number of Times staff members did so last week at the Langley Walmart store, and enjoyed the interaction with shoppers. The volunteers were rewarded by seeing their generosity. Much of the money raised by the Salvation Army in this campaign in Langley goes directly to the Gateway of Hope, which provides a range of services to the community, including shelter for homeless people, free meals and a variety of training opportunities and programs to help people get back on their feet. Thank you to all who have donated to the kettles and to the hundreds of volunteers who have helped with this year’s campaign.

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