Having a Valentine beside you is a good feeling

Special day is a reminder of the value of sharing your life with someone.

She woke the second time he whispered her name. As her eyes focused she realized he was holding a tray. As she sat up, he said, “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

He positioned the tray carefully on the bed and she smiled at the breakfast he had prepared. Toasted blueberry bagels, coffee for him, tea for her and a card leaning against a vase containing a single red rose. They ate in bed watching the news and he discussed his plans for the day.

He hadn’t bought a present but he was taking her to the mall where she would shop and he would pay. The rest of the morning was spent watching old black and white TV shows and snuggling under the covers.

Later that day, true to his word, he drove to the mall and didn’t even complain about where they had to park. He followed her from store to store, patiently sitting and waiting while she selected shoes. He chatted with the sales staff as she tried on slacks, tops or dresses and offered his advice on purses and jewelry. When they were done, he surprised her by shifting all the bags to one hand and held her hand as they walked across the parking lot. When was the last time he had done that?

They spent the rest of the afternoon doing things grown-up Valentines do when they have the house to themselves. Then he announced that he had made dinner reservations, catching her by surprise once more. She put on some of her new clothes and was pleased to see he was wearing her favourite tie and the grey slacks that slimmed him down a lot. Standing side by side in the mirror, she remarked what a handsome couple they were. That was answered with a passionate kiss.

It felt so very special being whisked past all the waiting patrons to their reserved spot. The table by the window was perfect. No one was crowded in against them and the view displayed the lights along  the North Shore mountains. She sipped her wine in silence as the candles flickered and the soft music played in the background.

Her meal arrived and she realized just how hungry she was. She dipped a large piece of lobster into the bubbling butter and was just about to taste it when the bell started ringing. Was it the fire alarm?

She sat up in bed and realized it was her alarm clock. She shut it off and quickly closed her eyes to save the taste of the lobster but it was too late. Startled by the alarm, her dream had scurried off to wherever dreams run when they’ve been discovered. She started to run through the duties ahead of her this morning. Making breakfasts and lunches, sorting laundry and grocery shopping, just to start.

She propped herself up on her elbow and looked at the snoring, sweaty man in bed beside her. She spooned in behind him and wrapped her arms around him. She didn’t know what plans, if any, he had for the day or the evening, but he was here in bed beside her right now and that felt special.

She closed her eyes and compared her dream to her reality and decided that any day that starts with your Valentine safe and warm snuggled against you tends to be a pretty good day indeed. At least that’s what McGregor says.