Higher MSP fees are a tax

We pay additional MSP premiums each year, and it is a tax increase — nothing else.

Editor: I am fed up with watching the Liberals’ brain-washing ad, which states that B.C. residents pay the lowest personal provincial income tax. It was playing on TV, while I opened my mail and received a bill from MSP. It showed an increase of $4 from $116 to $ 120 per month, for my wife and me.

I understand that people in other provinces do not pay the MSP fee, and so we pay an added amount as a tax

Provincially, we will pay $1,440 per year for two people. If you add that and other higher fees which we pay up, it shows the government ads are misleading. They should be removed.

I would rather have the provincial income tax raised, and lower MSP fees, so that we the old age pensioners do not have to pay a higher amount of provincial tax, disguised as fees.

Hank Kuipers,


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