Highway overpass would make more sense

Editor: I live on the south side of Fraser Highway and work at Langley Memorial Hospital. I admit to being one of the jaywalkers who crosses at 221 Street. I understand that Township council has voted to pay $50,000 to put in a fence. Wouldn’t it make more sense to use that money to build a pedestrian overpass?

ParkLane is doing a development on the south side of Fraser Highway. I thought we were told at the open houses that were held in connection with this development that an overpass was planned to connect a trail on the south side of Fraser Highway with the one on the north that runs past the firehall. Perhaps the Township, ParkLane and the hospital could join forces to proceed with the overpass.

There is not enough parking at the hospital. I walk to work as my small contribution to providing a space for someone else. One night I did walk home the long way and crossed at the light at 222 Street. One car was turning left so I let him go before starting to cross. The light was so short that it turned red when I was halfway across the highway. That was more dangerous than jaywalking!

Please, please put in an overpass. It would make way more sense.

Karen Mason,