Hope For… campaign gives further chance to say ‘we love you’ Grammy

Hope For… campaign gives further chance to say ‘we love you’ Grammy

Family sending Hope For… Femmy Vandenberg, 93, living in quarantine at Langley Lodge

Dear Editor,

I just wanted to submit to you my, “Hope For…” picture of myself.


It is for my Grammy, Femmy Vandenberg.

She is obviously very special to me, and my family.

She lives at the Langley Lodge, one of the care homes affected by COVID-19.

Since we cannot visit her in person, my extended family has created a phone call schedule; so she receives a call each day from one of us.

She is legally blind, so reaching out with our words over the phone gives her connection to her loved ones.

You may remember my Grammy, as she has been in the newspaper a couple times before.

Once, in 2015 when we celebrated five generations and again last November in an article about her reuniting with a fellow immigrant, after 70 years.

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My Grammy has brought so much blessing to our family, and my hope is that she will continue to stay healthy and that one day soon we can visit again… in person.


Sherri-Lynn Kaiser, Langley


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