Job with CTF is nice work if you can get it

Editor: I read with much interest with the editor’s comment on June 12 and the June 14 letter from Lee Lockwood, concerning Jordan Bateman and the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

CTF has five regional directors, Bateman being one of them. The CTF is well-known as being an incubator for baby politicians looking forward to bigger and better dreams up the political ladder.

It claims to have 40,000 members, at an annual cost of $70 a year for membership, which equates to approximately $2.8 million divided among five regional directors and a small staff. Doing the math, I estimate that the least-paid among them  could make at least $50,000 yearly. Not bad for a group that informs the public what we already know about government misspending.

CTF gets it information from whistleblowers, by hanging around Parliament and the media, then announce their big news or, as I like to call it, their five minutes of fame, to relay to us information we already know.

The CTF has no power to invoke any kind of change, because if they did, they would be rallying the people and heading a tax revolt in this country, and especially in this “I cannot afford to live in B.C. any more” province.

If that were to happen, I personally would pat Bateman on the back and say, “good job, son, well done.”

As for right now, it just looks like a pretty good gig if you can get it.

J. Cartwright,