Keep animals at arm’s length

Animals raised for meat should be kept at arm's length, otherwise there would be a vast pet shop.

Editor: Two things are happening in Mike Harvey’s letter (The Times, Oct. 11).

The first one is caring and tenderness for the calf, which is admirable.

The second is the anthromorphization of the animal, giving it human feelings and qualities.

Meat animals are, in the farming of them, kept at arm’s length — otherwise the prairies and the vast lands in Brazil and elsewhere would be nothing but a very big pet shop.

In the raising of these animals, the utmost care is taken to keep them in good health and to be sold at a profitable price.

As for the people who had tethered this calf, they should be prohibited from owning any animals, as it seems that they have no care or tenderness or concept of the raising livestock.

George Le Francois,