Langley City afraid of an amalgamation stody

The action by Langley City to vote the petition down shows City council was afraid a proper study would be positive.

Editor: I listened to Langley City Mayor Peter Fassbender on CKNW Thursday morning, discussing amalgamation with the Township and the reason his council rejected the petition from the Langley Reunification Society for an independent study on the subject by the City and Township.

His main reason was a study prepared by the City administrator, which was completely negative and was designed to ensure council would vote ‘no’ to any thought of amalgamation. I have read the administrator’s study.

The petition was for an independent study, with an amalgamation vote by citizens only if the study showed the results of amalgamation would be positive for both the City and Township. This is in accordance with provincial legislation.

A study of past amalgamations that have taken place in Canada shows that about half were positive and half negative. This is why B.C. now requires the independent study, followed by a vote by citizens to decide the final action required.

The action by the City to vote the petition down shows the City council was afraid a proper study would be positive, and they may lose their jobs. A vote based on an inappropriate study was completely irresponsible. Council disregarded the rules to protect personal interests.

Eric J. Bysouth,

Langley City