Langley is moving in the right direction

The Township should continue to move forward in a positive and respectful manner.

Editor: There are many aspects of Langley that are great, some good and yes, some not so good. I am dismayed by the lack of positive outlooks by a few nominees currently seeking election within the Township.

There are a few that seem to be “one issue” candidates, while a few appear to be disgruntled with Langley. Langley is not perfect, but is it a great place to live. It is unfortunate that there are those seeking election that can only dwell on the negative.

I believe Langley had enough negative publicity when Rick Green was mayor. Under Mayor Jack Froese, Langley has gone from a leaderless, ridiculed, stagnant municipality to one that has flourished under its current leadership. It is moving forward in a positive and respectful manner. This is the direction that Langley should continue on, not digress back to a municipality that was fodder for Greater Vancouver news outlets.

Kelly Holmes,

Fort Langley