A local senior is concerned about elder abuse from landlords. (File photo)

A local senior is concerned about elder abuse from landlords. (File photo)

Langley LETTER: Seniors forced to live in terrible rental units is a form of abuse

Local senior says he’s experienced abuse from landlords and is calling on politicians to take action

Open Letter to the Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister,

Premier John Horgan,

Minister Selena Robinson,

All Elected Representative’s of Governments,

I see the federal government is tackling the abuse in the long-term care homes, but what about the privately owned apartments or privately owns residences that are being run by slumlords?

Seniors abuse is not only relevant to abuse in registered care homes. It takes place in rental units throughout the provinces, and no one tackles this abuse. Premiers, mayors and councilmen know that these rental slumlords reside within their communities and they do nothing about it.

The history of abuse is not just now, its longstanding, and it continues because Canada ignores it. Canada ignores the abusive behaviour and will continue to do so until governments on all levels have the courage, and elected representation with the fibre and fortitude to actually do something about it.

We are now talking about the care of seniors but ignore the history of tenant abuse. The rundown habitats that are never fixed, that are inhumanely co-existing within the municipalities, and elected officials and personnel doing absolutely nothing about it. It is way past the time this issue is addressed.

Seniors or otherwise are human beings living in conditions that you would expect to see in Third World countries not Canada.

Will your government tackle this issue and abuse or is abuse just limited to numbers and not individuals – the invisible Canadians?

Prime Minister, its commendable that you have taken steps to address the abuse toward seniors in care homes and are willing to do something about it, but what is needed is a light sabre of action to eradicate the abuse that slumlords hold toward fellow Canadians.

I have seen the abuse, I have lived the abuse, therefore it exists.

Cran Campbell, Langley City