Langley Memorial Hospital champion needed

No politician is willing to push for better treatment at Langley Memorial Hospital, and it's time one stepped up to the plate.

Editor: I am making a public plea to local governments to bring a shameful medical issue to the forefront. Although it has been publicized many times, nothing changes for the citizens of Langley.

Empty promises, political rhetoric and deafness to our problems will not make the problem go away. I have contacted the offices of the two Langley mayors, MP Mark Warawa, and the media to bring more awareness to this serious health issue.

We need to have better hospital care brought to our communities. It is time for action. Will none of these elected officials become a champion for the people, and find a way to provide the working man with proper health care?

On Sunday, Sept. 10 at approximately 2:40 p.m., a patient was admitted to Langley Memorial Hospital.  Four hours later, the hospital was called and reminded that this patient was waiting and absolutely no one had come to check.

We were told that this patient was next on the list. Three hours later, the said patient called again, because no one had looked in yet.

The hospital was again called after the patient was taken home, having sat in an examining room for seven hours without any help. The reply was that some people have had to wait 10 hours.

Although this has happened to our family, I do not direct this letter to the hospital. I lay this in the lap of our government representatives.

Township Mayor Jack Froese says he wants to meet “the immediate needs of the community” with “respect for human need.”  Well Jack, here’s your chance to do something and not just talk.

What about Mark Warawa? Who will be the people’s champion?

Elections are always on the back burner of a politician’s mind, but this time, empty words won’t cut it. This matter affects every household sooner or later, and results will have to be evident. Politicians can’t expect the voters to hang on to promises by their fingernails.

Lise Reimer,