Langley Secondary won’t close in 2015

Board of education chair says plans will be implemented over three- to four-year term.

Langley Board of Education chair Rob McFarlane

Langley Board of Education chair Rob McFarlane

Editor: Thank you for discussing the School District consultations currently underway in your Jan. 6 editorial headlined “Will Langley Secondary be closed in 2015?”

The ongoing conversations regarding  the changes being considered (which include, but are not limited to, Langley Secondary) are significant  and public input  is an important part of the decision­-making process. Your article will help increase awareness of this process, which we sincerely appreciate.

While a decision is expected to be made in the near future, none of the options under consideration would have Langley Secondary School closing in 2015. All plans under consideration are expected to be implemented over a three- to four-year period — with that period only starting when approval and financing is granted by the Ministry of Education.

It is also important to note that the school transition plans have yet to be determined.  While it is possible all changes would occur at one time, there are other options that will likely need to be considered.

School transition strategies will be determined only after a decision is made on which option, of the ones currently being discussed, will be implemented.

Details on the plans under consideration, the consultation  process and more, can be found on the District’s website at

Rob McFarlane, Chair,

Langley Board of Education