Langley Senior Resources Society board must follow its own governing bylaws

Editor: I totally agree with René Doyharcabal’s letter “Members not responsible for harming Seniors Society” (The Times, July 22).   Members of the Langley Senior’s Resource Centre are not responsible for turmoil initiated by the society board.

Shauna Sailer, society board chair, continually blames a small group of members for deliberately attempting to destroy the LSRS. This is not true.

Ms. Sailer fails to respond to membership requests that she and the board abide by the LSRS bylaws and constitution.

Over 200 members (not a “small group”) signed a petition to review the actions of the board where said actions did not follow the LSRS bylaws.

At no time did members ask for the board to be removed.

On May 26, the board held an extraordinary general meeting with a proposed resolution for the removal of the board itself (approximate cost over $11,000).

All this was done by the board to avoid answering the question of whether the board was following its own governing bylaws.

Members should take a long look at this and consider whether they want a board that ignores its own bylaws or one that is honest and open about its function.

Barbara Daly,