Langley should follow Richmond’s lead on genetic engineering

The time has come for the two Langleys to stand up and be counted on genetically modified crops.

Editor: The City of Richmond has passed a ban on genetically engineered crops. Kudos for Richmond.

It has joined the ranks with such places as Rossland, Kaslo, Nelson, Powell River and Salt Spring Island, which have also passed motions opposing genetically modified organisms with their boundaries.

Research shows that the Langleys have 23,600 hectares in the Agricultural Land Reserve.  This accounts for almost 77 per cent of the land area of Langley, and approximately 43 per cent of the ALR in the Greater Vancouver Regional District.

The time has come for the two Langleys to stand up and be counted. Our freedom to choose local organic produce is being taken from us with the introduction of Monsanto’s genetically modified crops.

One group opposed to these franken-crops states that genetically engineered crops give rise to novel proteins that are not recognizable to human and animal digestive systems, and that engineered genetic material may have unknown consequences when it is released in to the environment.

If you don’t know who Monsanto is, check out this web site:    This is a wake-up call for the citizens of the Langleys to speak up, and join the thousands who have won the freedom to consume non-genetically engineered products.

Let’s say yes to a ban on genetically modified shrubs, plants and food crops within our boundaries.

Maureen Miller,


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