Langley Township denies there is a flooding problem

The Fort Langley flooding issue is a very convoluted one.

Editor: I read with interest the letter to the editor in The Times (June 6) by Doug McFee. I heartily endorse what he is saying about Langley Township acting in bad faith with plans for the flood plain.

It would seem that the environmental engineering department of the Township has somewhat different views as to what is causing this constant flooding. For many years the flood plain has flooded, and a screw pump was put in place several years ago to help dissipate this problem.

And now we hear of development of the Wall property upstream, and of plans at the Trinity Western University site. These would increase the flow down river, despite the insistence of the Township saying this would not happen.

The whole problem of this flooding is a very convoluted one, and many experts have given their ideas as to how to handle the problem.  A forum did take place recently in Fort Langley, sponsored by the Fort Langley Action Committee and the Salmon River Enhancement Society, and many speakers gave their expert advice as to solutions.

If the Township continues on its usual path by denying there are problems, then it would seem that the taxpayers will end up with a hefty bill for this unbelievable folly. Perhaps the residents of the Township should stand up and expect something better from their elected officials.


Margaret Smith,