Langley Township spends recklessly

Letter writer calls for audit of Langley Events Centre spending.

Editor: I would like to thank Councillor Kim Richter for her informative letter letting her employers (that would be us, paying the salaries) know what is taking place behind closed doors (The Times, Sept 13).

Councillor Grant Ward’s diatribe (The Times, Sept. 18), instead of making matters clearer, has done nothing more than make it murkier and muddier than ever. And it is beyond me what bearing serving in the RCMP for 22 years has to do with this.

The only believable parts of his rant are where he states “I am not perfect” and “it may not be the best route to go and sometimes we do make mistakes.”

This latest move by the mayor and council should reveal to everyone why the former mayor had such a difficult time during his tenure. The newly-elected mayor had stated in his campaign that he could get along with everyone on council. Now we know why. They are all on the same page.

I don’t trust our mayor and council, and I beg to ask the question “who is running the hall?” In my opinion this warrants an audit. After all, we are paying their salaries and we deserve better than this.

This appears to be a blatant, reckless handling of my precious hard-earned money, and November, 2014 can’t come soon enough.

D. Johnston.