Letter: 16 Avenue traffic light at 272 Street is not necessary

Editor: I am a resident of South Langley and live south of 16th Avenue.

I continually attempt to enter, cross and exit 16 Avenue numerous times a day at great risk to me, my family and others that travel 16th Avenue as a commuter, trucker or a resident.

Mayor and council have finally taken some substantial steps forward in improving 16th Avenue and making our community safer.

I commend them for taking this step and upgrading the four intersections of 208th, 232nd, 240th and 272nd Streets, along with other noted improvements.

However, I seriously question the need for upgrade to 272 Street, which is currently a four-way stop. I have never experienced an issue there and I feel that money could be more wisely spent elsewhere on 16th Avenue, such as upgrading 224th Street or 256th Street.

Hopefully, the mayor and council are listening and can make some adjustments after hearing from the immediate residents in the area.

These upgrades are long overdue and are supported by clear data as a result of thorough studies which span many years.

This council has done the right thing and finally taken action.

This action appears not to be supported by all residents, but with any decisions that our elected leaders make they will never please everyone.

They try to make the best informed decision they possibly can, taking into consideration all the possible information they have at hand.

This is just the start of upgrades to 16th Avenue, as there is much more to do based on the future traffic projections and current studies. I believe the momentum will continue and the focus should and will remain on 16th Avenue.

Now we, the residents of Langley, along with those commuting and trucking on 16th Avenue have to do our part.

Obey the rules of the road such as speed and following distances to name a few.

We can’t expect upgrades to the roadway to solve all the safety issues. Simple safe driving practices will go a long way to ensuring all our safety on the road.

All our lives depend on it.

Peter Thiessen,

South Langley