Letter: Base property tax on improvements carried out by municipalities

Editor: It is my opinion that housing assessments should be based on what the Township or City has done by way of improvements in that particular community.

I was raised in the country where there were no paved streets/roads. Barring inclement weather that abused the road surface, the municipality would grade the road and, more often than not, the surface, after having been graded ,was in better shape than some of our streets here in Langley Township.

We have lived in Brookswood for 30 plus years. Our street has never been paved, (and it is definitely needed) we have no sidewalks and no city sewer. Having said that, the question needs to be asked: How does the Township justify any increase in taxes/assessment when amenities have been ignored or just forgotten about?

My assessment should not be judged on what someone else’s house sold for, either next door or down the block.

Ken Hinton,