Letter: Bicyclists do, in fact, help pay for roads

Editor: Re: Bicycle lanes are dangerous and a waste of money (The Times, Nov. 6)

There is this common misconception that cyclists, because they are not registered and do not pay vehicle insurance do not pay for the roads.

Vehicle registration and insurance does not pay for road construction and maintenance. The only money that motorists invest in roadways and transit that cyclists don’t share, is through the taxes they pay on fuel and bridge tolls.  As taxpayers and consumers, cyclists share in the costs of roads. It’s unfortunate that many motorists have a sense of entitlement to the roadways and often display a lack of patience for any cyclist, pedestrian, flag person or slow-moving vehicle that restricts their speed.

We do, in fact, all share in the cost of our roads and we should all be able to use them safely. Taking a less self-centred attitude would be a good way to start.

Tom Barichello,