Letter: Bike lane not a priority for Aldergrove residents

Editor: So our cash-strapped TransLink, along with our Township has an initiative in constructing a bike lane on 276 Street and 32 Avenue.

At a cost of what?

Both these streets are wide enough that a line painted two metres from and parallel to the curb with some bike logos would serve the purpose without digging up the road and creating havoc.

If both TransLink and the Township wanted to show some initiative, they would provide bus service to two areas desperately in need of this service, namely Gloucester Industrial Park, where thousands of people are employed, and to Pioneer Park which has almost 400 seniors, many of whom have no way to get to town other than by cab or with a friendly neighbour.

Yet we all pay some form of transit tax. Where is our return on this? A bike lane?

I don’t think so. We need this money spent where it will serve those best that really need it.

Fred Dalkeith,

Pioneer Park, Aldergrove

Editor’s note: Work on the bike lane has been temporarily halted, pending a presentation by a delegation, scheduled to appear before Township council on July 11.