Letter: City council’s response to concern over density was disappointing

Editor: As a Langley City resident since 2011, I attended Council for the first time Jan. 25 to raise concerns that more than 30 neighbours have regarding the application for rezoning on the corner of 201A Street and 53 Avenue.

Other than the impassioned plea from Coun. Val van den Broek who suggested it is time that Langley City reassess the applicability of a density plan that has not been publicly vetted by local citizens for over 10 years, my request for reconsideration fell on deaf ears.

I was particularly aghast by the response of Coun. Paul Albrecht, who as chair of the APC, did not recognize the landscape drawings were inaccurately drawn, or that there is a bus stop abutting the development; Mayor Schaffer, who exalted how great is was to do business, again with the developer, and Coun. Jack Arnold, who illogically remarked that it is a terrific development because there is a dog park in the landscape plan, and dogs like to “wear uniforms” on Halloween.

Perhaps, Langley residents who take issue with increasing density and traffic in residential neighborhoods by over 2,000 per cent should heed Coun. Storteboom’s advice to me: if I didn’t like the plan I should just move.

Betty Cunnin,

Langley City