Letter: City’s stair removal edict ‘pretty shabby treatment’ of residents

Editor: I will be very interested to see what the “positive solution” the Mayor promises to the situation that has developed in regard to access by neighbourhood seniors to the trail around Brydon Lagoon.  (the Times, June 3).

At present, it appears to be rather petty bureaucracy when seniors are unable to use stairs they planned and paid for to provide access to the walk around the Lagoon in the mornings.

The stairs appear to be safe, with a banister for balance and pebbled steps for safety on icy or rainy mornings.

Clearing them away means these folks have to walk another quarter of a mile to access the path. Pretty shabby treatment for people who have achieved the age of 90, paid property taxes and done a great deal of work around the lagoon for years.

Diane Simpson,

Fort Langley