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LETTER: Climate ‘emergency’ based on falsified data – one writer argues

A Fernridge man doesn’t believe Township staff are equipped to report on climate change

Dear Editor,

Re: Mayor and council related to (Township tackles climate change crisis, Langley Advance Times, July 26)

So how is it that an NDP-Green Party alarmist rolls into town, (invited by the locals) and stirs the town council over climate change?

Can carbon taxes or local councils change the activity of the climate?

Of course not, but they can do damage making policy and laws based on misinformation pressured by the radical greens.

There are also many climate activists in the medias that are only too happy to hype the green religion alarmism.

Keep in mind that we, in the Township, live in a green moderate temperate climate zone with an annual rainfall of 1.5 metres (5 feet) – often referred to as a rain forest.

Anything local councils do will make things more expensive and difficult for the taxpayer, another assault on “affordability,” so it always hurts the little guy the most.

More suppressive regulations, subsidy giveaways of our tax-dollars to signify they are reducing CO2?

Some people are certain that we have to enact righteous social engineering policies regardless of costs or outcome. Others are convinced that they can’t be sure if they are still undecided, pending further review.

We have the cart way ahead of the horse as we are making costly political policies and laws without understanding the science or how to react to its implications.

READ MORE: Canadian high school science courses behind on climate change, says UBC study

Our town planners are not the ones to write reports on this as the subject is far beyond their scope/purview.

The vast majority of the public is unaware that a lot of climate data has been doctored and issued as science in order to match the warming hypothesis. There is overwhelming evidence of fraud in ‘National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’ NOAA and NASA handling of climate data.

One of their favourite deceptions is to falsify the historical record by lowering the past temperature data to read colder in order to make the present appear to be warming. In attempts to validate, they give the data tampering fancy names like “adjustments” or “natural variations.”

I’ve spent more than 12 years and hundreds of hours studying this topic, and the best one-stop explanatory source I can recommend for the public to learn is this scientist/environmentalists website of Tony Heller.

Recommend reading his bio, “Who is Tony Heller.” He also puts out many explanatory YouTube videos exposing the falsified data.

The true reading of the data reveals there has been no warming in the U.S.A. in more than 100 years. See Tony Hellers Corruption of the US Temperature Record.

To understand this info you have to make an effort to follow the graphs and explanations as they are made as simple as possible.

Climate change is not an imminent threat but many proposed solutions could be.

Roland Seguin, Fernridge

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