Letter: Conditions worse today than the Dirty ’30s

Editor: For some who saw the squalor of the 1930s, it was nothing like the mess we see today. Every year the line up of homeless gets longer.

The pressure, financially, this puts on churches’ parishioners gets heavier.

And then we have the youth — the nation’s future. “Plenty of jobs,” our government (or the previous one) spouts off. Yes, part-time. Employers pay whatever they wish, no longer do they have to obey labour laws, no benefits — recognize the good old days?

Then the lodging — plenty of slumlords. “If you don’t like it, look somewhere else.

“We have a great future for our youth.”

The money tree in Ottawa didn’t start to bloom until we had World War II.

A sad replica of humanity.

M. Simard,