LETTER: Environment as a Langley election issue

LETTER: Environment as a Langley election issue

A reader shares link to a Facebook page offering candidates’ views on enviro issues in the Township.

Dear Editor,

As we get closer to election day, Township voters may be interested in the opinions of candidates – aside from those very informative all-candidates meetings, many of which were live-streamed and therefore available to a much wider audience than in previous elections.

Those of us concerned with environmental issues in the Township appreciate the time these candidates have taken to respond in such a busy campaign.

Questions from various Langley environmental groups, including the Salmon River Enhancement Society (SRES) and the Yorkson Watershed Enhancement Society (YWES) have sent questions to candidates and answers are being posted at a public Facebook group called Township of Langley – ENVIRONMENT – 2018.

Readers do not have to join in order to read the posts and comments.

Residents who are concerned about habitat, ecology issues, tree cover, climate change, and other environment issues that so deeply affect our quality of life, should see which candidates have prioritized their time to reply, the knowledge demonstrated, and the thoughtfulness with which candidates formulated their replies.

Catherine Grey, Township of Langley