Letter: Fact checking no longer required?

Editor: Here I thought fact checking was essential for informed discourse.

Paul Bowman (“Canadian Reporting Far Off the Mark on U.S. Gun Issue,” The Times, Dec. 23) clearly does not even attempt to be factual when he asserts that one is “6.35 times more likely to be murdered” with a firearm in Canada than in the States.

As proof for this twister, he trots out, among others, Statscan, but even a cursory fact-check shows the complete opposite to be true (statscan.gc.ca, “firearms and violent crime in Canada,” 2012).

He might as well claim that Earth is flat, that global warming is a hoax, that guns don’t kill people, and that Obama is a sleeper agent for ISIS.

Happy New Year, and keep your powder dry.

Pim Schön,