LETTER: Highway One traffic needs to be addressed

Traffic is a nightmare but let's get it fixed and find the money to do so.

Editor: I’m wondering if the current traffic situation on Highway 1 from 200 Street east to 232 Street and beyond is being pondered by government.

The HOV lane ends at the top of a hill at 208 Street. No truck lanes exist to climb the hill in either direction. The eastern approaches to the Carvolth Park and Ride, our access to transit, have not been completed to join the highway.

The Glover Road overpass continues to be a problem for large trucks. Get the railroad to play ball and fix this.

It was predictable and must have been in the traffic models used in the planning of the Port Mann Bridge and highway upgrade.

The solution is always money, I know. So go get it. Pushing all of rush hour into the Valley had to be a short-term solution. Ultimately, a multi-lane highway from Vancouver to Hope is the end game.

Let’s get started.

Jeff Feldman,


Editor’s note: All levels of government are expanding the freeway from 200 to 216 Street as well as building a new interchange at 216 to access Highway One.