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LETTER: Langley City granddad disheartened that D-Day not mentioned in schools

This year was the 80th anniversary of D-Day, the Allied operation that turned the tide of the Second World War, leading to an Allied victory against Fascism.

Dear Editor,
I just returned from visiting our grandsons in Vernon.
I was disappointed/shocked to learn that D-Day anniversary had not been mentioned to any of them at school that day.
Upon our return home to Langley, only one of the three that live here were exposed to any info about this important date as well.
"Lest We Forget" shouldn't be just for Nov. 11, but for all important anniversaries like this.
Schools are a perfect place to remind children of what their forefathers fought and often died for, "Lest They Forget"!
Dave Yarrow, Langley City