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LETTER: Langley City’s tax hike too high

Longtime resident wants most of council to be shown the door in the next election
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Dear Editor,

[Re: Langley City greenlights 10% tax hike, Langley Advance Times, Feb. 1]

Langley City council, except for Councillor Delanie Mack, has approved a 10 per cent residential property tax increase for 2024. This is on top of an 11.5 per cent property tax increase last year. With compounding that represents a two-year increase of nearly 23 per cent. These increases are well beyond the rate of inflation.

I have been a resident and taxpayer in the City for more than 25 years. Year after year, decade after decade, City council has approved property tax increases above the rate of inflation.

We have always had a ‘tax and spend’ council in the City. However, the current council takes it to the next level as it is in the process of borrowing $50,000,000. We will be burdened by the interest payments on this debt for a generation. Until this council was elected the City was debt free. That is no longer the case. Now we have a ‘borrow, tax and spend’ council.

It is obvious to me that this council, with the exception of Councillor Mack, has no concern for the taxpayer. I do not see this council changing its ways.

We are just over two years away from the next civic election. In my view the current council, with the exception of Councillor Mack, should be shown the door.

Scott Thompson, Langley City