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LETTER: Langley letter writer says voters have dilemma this autumn

A local man offers his thoughts on the upcoming federal election and voters’ choices.

Dear Editor,

The editorial Integrity at stake, Langley Advance Times, Aug. 16 really hit the nail on the head. In both Canada and the U.S. we have political leaders who appear to have no integrity and no sense of moral or ethical values. This becomes a big problem when we come to the next election.

I would suggest that voters need to look and three things when they decide how to cast their vote in the federal election.

First one must look at the moral and ethical values and behaviour of the party leader.

Second one must look at the same moral and ethical values of your local candidate.

Finally you must look at the policy platform and past performance of the party.

In order to vote for any particular party and candidate I would suggest that you should be happy with the moral and ethical position of the candidate and leader and you must find the party’s platform aligns with your values.

In Canada we have five national parties: two on the left the Greens and the NDP; two on the right the Conservatives and the Peoples Party of Canada. Claiming to be in the middle is the Liberal Party of Canada.

Unfortunately for many people, the party in the so called middle is led by Justin Trudeau who consistently demonstrates his lack of good ethical judgment. Anyone who says out of one side of his mouth that he takes responsibility for his party breaking the ethics guidelines while at the same time saying out of the other side that he will not apologize for doing so is morally and ethically unsuitable to lead our great country.

It leaves a difficult dilemma as one must vote either left or right as the middle has been left void.

David Nielsen, Walnut Grove