Submit letters to the editor through our website, via email or in writing.

Submit letters to the editor through our website, via email or in writing.

LETTER: Langley man appreciates COVID funds as long as they lasted

Provincial and federal funds make a big difference to marginalized Canadians

Dear Editor,

A society is judged on how it treats the least fortunate among it. And Canada is no slouch in this area. In addition to taking in more Syrian refugees per capita than almost any other country, it has really risen to the challenge regarding COVID.

The federal CERB benefit has made a huge difference to everyone on that list and the B.C. $300 monthly COVID stipend for people with disabilities has made a big difference in our lives since this problem began.

And even though this nine-month program is about to expire the three-month extension, albeit at a reduced amount, makes me feel like at least someone cares about we marginalized members of society.

Although I fear my freezer may not be quite as overfilled with better quality food as it has been this year, the $500 COVID recovery benefit available to us after Dec. 18 will at least help us alleviate the inevitable a little longer.

And I will cooperate by wearing masks as mandated so as to not emburden the health-care system as well and put up with ever growing longer lines at the food bank.

So please allow me to express our appreciation to our government and taxpayers for your ongoing support and consideration.

Even if the end result for me is an extra 40 pounds. At least I’m still in shape, if you consider pear shaped that is. Thank you.

Danny Halmo, Langley City


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