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LETTER: Langley man encourages people to give serious thought to the big questions

Social institutions have a vested interest in keeping people locked in certain mindsets, he writes

Dear Editor,

We are in compassionate need of understanding. The world does not revolve around what we are facing right now with COVID-19.

There are other matters of homeless people, struggling seniors, and people who have lost their ability to identify with the rest of society.

The structural establishments of all governments have not prevailed in eradicating food banks, drug and alcohol addiction, health care shortages of doctors and nurses, homelessness, abuse, and the inequality between the rich and the poor, for people in need who need livable incomes, and the age-old conflict of inequality of ethnic backgrounds.

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Sadly, the structures we know as the establishment of each governing powers are in conflict with each other, because of ideology and other individual ambitions that really has nothing to do with the common good of all.

Who are we?

We may have forgotten the most important ingredient in our life that we alone determine the dialogue for consideration of where we are going, because if we do not, our children and grandchildren becomes an agenda for others to consider.

If we are poor and wanting, or with wealth, or humble in our minds, or of a different heritage or identity, our final destination is an act for consideration of where we will be going and for the evitable decisions that we may make that they are made without prejudice and a symbol of equality.

Identity is a symbol of who we are, and it will always contain our past, our present, and our future.

The history we all share no other may share in it.

Cran Campbell, Langley


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