LETTER: Langley Township needs to go back to drawing board with Haldi House plans

Local resident has suggestions on the property and other waterfront areas

Dear Editor,

Open letter to Site Lines Architecture and the Township of Langley council:

I attended the Public Input Opportunity on the Fort Langley Waterfront Revitalization; Haldi House Rehabilitation and Relocation; Proposed Commercial Building Wednesday, May 11.

The positives are the steps to the waterfront that would act as seating, parking, rehabilitation of the Haldi House and the pedestrian overpass from the Fort Langley National Historic Site to the waterfront to join with the Fort to Fort Trail.

Both proposed relocation sites of the Haldi House have a resounding no! The Haldi House should be relocated to the land where the present Langley Museum resides. That is Township owned land. That is in the Fort Langley Heritage Conservation Area and close to other heritage areas. The place that would make the most sense. It would be off the flood plain and easy access to visitors who come to explore the historic fort and new museum.

The Fort Langley Waterfront Park is a park not a parking lot. More green space needs to be retained, not paved over. More parking and the proposed three storey office complex that is proposed for the waterfront should more appropriately go on the lands beside the present day museum.

Residential could be added to the top floor since that is a residential area and now a denser residential area since five on council voted for a denser zoning despite the best efforts of Councillors Eric Woodward, Steve Ferguson, David Davis and Kim Richter to stop the denser zoning.

Fine dining, take-out restaurants and more tourist friendly shops should be built in the commercial area on Glover Road. Parking yes, but definitely do not take away green space to do it. Three storeys is too high. Perhaps due to the slope of the land part could be two storeys but the part on the corner of Glover and the river should not be more than one storey. The height should match the Fort Pub across the road.

The boat launch should be upgraded. Yes! I asked what was meant by a small boat launch, but only received a vague answer. Now motorized small boats are launched, that should be maintained.

The existing Fort Langley Canoe Club docks built by member money should remain, and another dock should be installed by the boat launch for the public. Perhaps another large dock could be installed between the two where performances could be held in summer.

Back to the drawing board.

Dianne Kask, Aldergrove


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