B.C. vaccine passport (Black Press Media)

B.C. vaccine passport (Black Press Media)

LETTER: Langley woman contends vaccine passports are about taking away people’s rights

People should not be giving away their rights to move about freely in society, letter writer argues

Dear Editor,

Re: [Letter to the Editor, Protests are tantrums, Langley Advance Times, Sept. 16]

Sonja Dutchyshen’s comment – “Please don’t think of it as taking your rights away; think of it as giving everyone the right to live” is an oxy-moron.

Yes, Sonja, everyone has the right to live, but not at the cost of other people’s rights. Every person is responsible for their own well-being and to take the necessary precautions they feel is right for them – not this current mandate of “do it or else….” threats.

The new buzz words for 2021 is “unvaccinated” and “vaccinated.”

In case you don’t see it, the government is dividing the people, and instilling hatred and finger-pointing. You have jumped in with both feet. If you never grew up under a communist or dictatorship regime, you would not have the ability to see the parallel that is going on with mandated vaccines.

Instead, people who have lived their whole lives in a “free country” jump on the bandwagon of the government’s mandate in order to reclaim “their right” to get their lives back and are more than willing to give up some freedoms to do so. Lesson learned for those without understanding: Once you give up a freedom; it never comes back. It’s gone forever, Sonja.

It starts small and continues to grow in order to gain the control over the masses and inflict their governance.

The demonstrators are not throwing a temper tantrum, Sonja – they are people who are voicing their rights against a mandate that will become more insidious over time.

It won’t end with two vaccination requirements, and we have already moved into “show me your passport” in order to enter certain businesses.

These demonstrators are voicing the rights for all people to decide and not have to “show their papers” in order to move about freely.

They are trying to “fix the stupid.”

Sandra Steffan, Willoughby


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