Letter: Learn the whole story or keep comments to yourself, says dog owner

Editor: I am a dog owner with a four-year-old beagle that I love very much. I feed her regularly, have vet checkups and take her to the off-leash dog park regularly. My concern is this: This morning I had to get my prescriptions renewed at London Drugs.

I am a stroke survivor and had a quadruple bypass last year and need meds. I live alone and did not want to leave the dog at home as she has separation anxiety and disturbs the neighbors with howling and barking, so I took her with me.

I could not bring her into London Drugs, therefore my only alternative was to leave her in the car with the windows a little bit down.

It was only 13 degrees and cloudy.  It took as long as it took to get my meds and, upon return, I found a note had been placed on my windshield to not leave my dog in the car, “you A-hole.”

There are times when it is unavoidable and, although I appreciate concerned citizens, if they do not know what is going on they should please keep their comments to themselves.

The dog was howling, which happens sometimes. If it was a hot day, by all means break the glass, charge me and take away my privilege of having a dog, but if it is as it was today, then please back off.

I am a good person and a very responsible pet owner and I welcome the person who left the note to get in touch with me through the Langley Times and find out more.

Kerry Cotter,