LETTER: No left turn sign largely ignored by drivers

Driver of 216 Street sees 17 minute back up while people turn left onto Glover Road illegally.

Editor: I travel to my favourite little coffee shop in Murrayville almost daily. My route takes me through Willoughby, down 216 Street to where it opens onto Glover Road.

About eight years ago, the Township installed ‘No Left Turn’ signs along 216 Street — well before the corner, just before the railway tracks, and on the other side of the tracks.

I doubt it could be any clearer that turning northbound onto Glover is an illegal left-hand turn.

It has been totally ignored by drivers ever since.

Today I came down 216 Street and the  traffic was stopped at Darvonda Greenhouses, which is about a quarter mile from the Glover Road corner. I thought a train must be coming, because there were so many cars lined up.

There was no train. When I actually looked toward Glover, first I saw one car make a left turn, then another. The traffic inched forward. It took me 17 minutes to get to the corner and make the turn. In front of me I counted 19 vehicles out of 31, make that illegal left-hand turn. The two directly in front of me were the last two.

In all the years I have travelled this route since those signs were installed, they have been ignored constantly. If enforcement of this isn’t a priority, what’s the purpose?

I have spoken to others who say they don’t understand it either. I guess, if there’s an accident and it’s caused by someone making that illegal left-hand turn, they’re completely at fault. For the rest of us who follow the signage, we’re the ones held up along our way by the inconsiderate individuals who think signs don’t apply to them.

RCMP should either enforce the law, or get rid of the signs.

Barbara Ewart,

Maple Ridge