Letter: Not all disabilities can be observed

Editor: Re: Cynthia Taha’s letter (the Times, Nov. 9), SPARC assigns handicapped parking only to those who need it, and require a physician’s signature.

So, no, SPARC does not hand them out like “Candy on Halloween.”

I am one of those people you have identified as one of those “perfectly healthy (B.C. Shoppers) parked in a handicapped spot.”

Outwardly, I do not appear handicapped.

Do you think “candy on Halloween” is cystic fibrosis, diabetes,  double lung transplant and four compressed discs — two in the neck and two in the lower back?

If you truly think my life has been like lining up for candy on Halloween you obviously have never walk one step in my shoes.

I am not old by your terms. However, my parents were told I would not live to be two years old. I am 56, so yes I am old. Most of the time I do not walk with a limp, on bad days I do.

Due to the 38 different medications I am on, I have very little in the way of energy.

So, yes, I park in the handicapped spots with my handicapped sticker displayed.

Cynthia, before you judge someone parked with a B.C. SPARC decal displayed, please remember not all disabilities are visual. Don’t judge.

Another item plays into this — perhaps Costco can put more handicapped parking at their new store.

Richard Brown,