Letter: Parents’ excessive screen time is detrimental to their children

Editor: I recently had blood work done at a lab. While waiting one and a half hours patiently, I was watching people.

In particular, a beautiful young parent with a toddler. That parent was on a hand-held device that entire time, hushing the c hild when the child tried to talk to their parent.

The child ran their hand through the parent’s hair and touched the parent with no response.

I am thankful I didn’t have the technology there is today therefore had to actually interact with my children.

Today they are confident young adults.

The child became restless and was only pacified when allowed to hold the device and play on it.

Good grief. What has society become? We lack basic interaction necessary to love and be loved. There is no evolution with this basic need.

Stop and appreciate those around you and what you have.

Parents, start banishing yourselves from your phones while your child is learning to talk and walk and learning about their surroundings.

It’s just an opinion.

Cynthia George,