Letter: Pay fair share of taxes if you expect improvement to roads

Editor: I attended the recent CASA (Community Around Sixteenth Avenue) meeting at Wix Brown elementary.

I was very pleased to hear from the RCMP about all of the work they are doing to step up enforcement of speed limits and dangerous driving along the corridor.

That, in connection with the new fines for distracted driving, should have a significant impact.

I was also happy to have an opportunity to speak with Coun. Charlie Fox whose motion to put traffic lights at every major intersection is currently being worked on by the staff, and to hear from Coun. Angie Quaale about the sign campaign to educate motorists this summer, but a couple of things were a bit disconcerting.

Residents talking about the road rage they experience from other drivers when they attempt to drive within the speed limit was quite scary, but particularly concerning were the sentiments from one person about how he intentionally likes to enrage motorists as well as dump truck drivers “riding his a**.”

Do you think that when they finally get by you, they aren’t even angrier than when you were “in their way” for 10 miles, intentionally driving under the speed limit and causing even more chaos on the road?

Another citizen actually got up and left, making a rather emotional statement, after the same person encouraged everyone to figure out  how to get farm tax credit on their property.

He was bragging that this year he “got his property taxes down to $350.”

Well, with his very generous contribution of $350 to the tax base, it is little wonder there isn’t $6 million dollars in the budget to do the road improvements.

I agree with the woman who walked out — before you brag about “working the system” to pay as few taxes as possible, perhaps you should consider where the money everyone else legitimately pays ends up.

M. Matro,

Township of Langley