Letter: Plenty of advantages to electric vehicle ownership

Editor: Re: Langley Times’ June HOV Lane EV Survey; “Do new rules, which allow electric vehicles with single passengers to use HOV Lanes make you more inclined to buy one?” Yes = 13% No = 87%

The initial meager results are surprising.

As I fast approach 40,000 kms of clean electric vehicle (EV) commuting daily from Langley to Vancouver I am thankful the B.C. government allows me to use the HOV lane as a single occupant. This saves me 40 minutes of commute time every day; allowing me more time with family and friends. I drive a used Tesla Model S that I purchased for less than the new vehicle price.

VanCity Credit Union provided a lower interest car “Green Loan” because we were purchasing a battery powered electric car.

I can drive 426 kilometers on a charge and I can fill it up in my garage, so I start each day with a full tank.

When I plug in each night to my Level 2 charger (which was minimal to setup), my tank is fully charged long before I go to bed. My work takes me to Vancouver, UBC, Squamish, and back again and I never worry about running out of charge.

Other car manufacturers will be producing cars next year that can drive 300 kms on a single charge and people in Hope BC will be able to drive into Vancouver and back on that same charge.

I started driving our EV in April 2015 and from that day, my past 1.5 years of commuting became and remains exciting; as I can’t wait to get onto Highway 1 each day.  There is a new highway interchange planned for 216 Street and our family have been advocating for EV charging infrastructure at the new Business Technology Park in Williams.

Charging stations that are Level 1, 2, and 3, will provide opportunity for those commuting to and from Hope to UBC, to top up charge if they make unplanned side commutes.

Furthermore, destination charging stations will provide charging for those working at the business park, commuting from further up or down the valley.  The most ideal location for chargers are at home and at work.

This will be in alignment with the Township and provincial Green Strategies, and serve future generations for years to come.

The 87 per cent of respondents who replied ‘no,’ need to go to their local car dealers and  test drive a battery powered electric car and see how they can start saving commuting time and money and I can say all of this without ever mentioning that ‘climate change’ thing.

Nat Cicuto,


Member of the Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association (VEVA)

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