Letter: Poorly planned land development is to blame for high cost of hay

Editor: The front page article in the Langley Times on Jan. 29 concerning animals that are starving due to the shortage of hay discusses a very bad situation, which is directly attributable to the planning of the municipal council.

So many fertile hay fields have one house built in the middle.

Older houses and barns were built in the corner of the acreage to allow for maximum production from the remaining land.

With huge mansions covering the best soil, you wonder why there is a shortage of feed?

The large hay fields that for many years produced excellent quality grass to feed dairy cattle along 56 Avenue near Fraser Valley Auction, now have enormous houses destroying any productivity.

When food for the people is scarce, will ex-farmer Mayor Froese and council wonder why that is?

Does anyone care that fewer trees will mean more carbon dioxide in the air?

So now everyone will find it hard to breathe when trees are hacked down in Brookswood and Fernridge for development.

This is progress?

Frances Steinfeld,