Letter: Prosperity in B.C.’s future

Dear Editor,

LNG is definitely going to be a boon to B.C. if we play our cards right. Geography and geology are on our side, and we have a front row seat on the Pacific Rim.

Premier Christy Clark is to be applauded for bringing this 21st century clean energy industry to our province and adding a new dimension to our economy.

But we should also remember that LNG is not the only valuable B.C. product Asian markets are hungry for. B.C.’s forest products have been a mainstay and perennial favourite, and so are the metals and steel-making coal that our land base is blessed with in abundance.

Forestry and mining have been the bedrock of the B.C. economy for generations. And although new mines are finally opening up and providing opportunities to create jobs, we should all be disappointed that one of our province’s most promising new mines, the Prosperity mine, has met with bureaucratic resistance and road blocks from Ottawa.

Hopefully the Prosperity situation will soon be rectified and the long-proposed mine will become an economic reality alongside the emerging LNG industry and the B.C. forest industry that is rebuilding and reinventing itself.

With so much natural bounty to offer the world, B.C.’s very best days are unquestionably still ahead of us, as we forge our way boldly into the 21st century.

Christopher Law, Port Moody