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LETTER: Quiet Langley street feels like Indy 500 track

Dear Editor,

I live a few houses down from the intersection of 208th Street and 48th Avenue, heading east.

It is a speedway of the most dangerous kind. I will get right to the point and strongly suggest that traffic calming speed bumps be considered for the beginning of 48th shortly after turning right off of 208th.

This is where cars gun their engines, floor the gas pedal and scream by at top speed by the time they come by our house.

We are the fourth house from the corner. They go by far too fast to get a licence plate, and 48th is one long speedway until they hit the 5 corners. The window rattling noise, the fishtailing squeals and scream of engines are everyday and all day.

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It is intolerable. We have lived at our house for over 35 years. Langley, in our experience, has deteriorated over said time.

Heading on 48th Avenue toward [H.D.] Stafford School enjoys a more peaceful time due to their traffic calming additions. I see this as being closer to the school and is necessary for the safety of children.

We are just on the other side of 208th on 48th and it’s Indy 500. Please look into this. Thank you.

Kelly Ulrich, Brookswood


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