Letter: Resident calls for two parking spot minimum for multi-family units

Editor: I live in a townhouse complex on 201 Street. I have no problem with the City giving the OK to build condos or townhouses on every postage stamp piece of land left in Langley City.

What I have a complaint about is the parking for these new buildings.

Most residents in these types of complexes have two cars.

Developers build with one parking space (per unit) and so they have to park one on the road.

One complex across the road is nearly finished and another one right beside them is preparing to start building.

Can you even imagine how many cars will be looking for a parking space on the road?

The road is not very long. As a matter of fact, a resident from my complex was fined by the City for parking approximately one foot too close to the driveway into to the complex.

What are you thinking?

To my knowledge, the new buildings will have only one parking stall for residents who have two cars and few parking stalls for guests.

Are we supposed to park in downtown Langley City and walk home?

The City should not agree with the developers before building until they are assured there will be two parking stalls for each resident to be included in the structure.

Carol Armstrong,

Langley City